FVS registers

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FVS registers

All the data available on this site are free of charge. All available information for the public is updated within one hour to one day, depending on the register.

Open data

The accessibility of the open data can be related to all the information which are published by governmental institutions, for example – public registers and State information sites available for the public, findings, statistics, tables etc. The general idea of this approach is that information for the public should be available for reusability. Currently, FVS registers information is available to everyone:

  • free of charge
  • online, without access restrictions
  • in machine-readable format

The idea on open data is ensured, based on the principles mentioned above.


2017 January All FVS registers are publicly available – FVS register of enterprises, Veterinary medicinal product register, Food supplements register, Register of foods for specific groups, and other registers (about 300 items).
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