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Data selected by 520 Name Flunixin injection
Original name Strength Marketing authorisation number Marketing authorisation holder: ATCvet code Species More
Flunixin Injection 50 mg/ml V/NRP/98/0940 Norbrook Laboratories (Ireland) Limited, Īrija QM01AG90 cattle; pigs; horses Vairāk

Medicinal product information

Pharmaceutical form: solution for injection
International name (active substance): Flunixin
Distribution category: To be supplied only on veterinary prescription
Manufacturer(s) responsible for batch release Norbrook Manufacturing Limited, Īrija
Date of authorisation/renewal: 29-Dec-2008
Marketing authorisation valid until: Unlimited time period
Marketing authorisation procedure: NRP
Package leaflet: [DOCX] 23022023_LI (10-Feb-2023)
Labelling text: [PDF] 31052019_M (31-May-2019)
Summary of product characteristics: [DOCX] 23022023_ZA (10-Feb-2023)


ID Strength Package size Primary packaging Labelling
V/NRP/98/0940-01 50 mg/ml 1 Stikla flakons, 50 ml [JPG] [JPG]
V/NRP/98/0940-02 50 mg/ml 1 Stikla flakons, 100 ml [JPG] [JPG]
V/NRP/98/0940-03 50 mg/ml 1 Stikla flakons, 250 ml [JPG] [JPG]

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