FVS register of enterprises subject to supervision

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Data selected by District/City Kocēnu novads Name Kaņepītes
Name Object name Approved No. in official LV registers* FVS reg. No. Ban Since Dictrict/City Local government Address Rating
Zemnieku saimniecība "Kaņepītes" vairumtirdzniecības un pārstrādes uzņēmums - 44101002317 052687 - - Kocēnu novads Kocēnu pagasts "Kaņepītes" A
Zemnieku saimniecība "Kaņepītes" barības pārstrādes uzņēmums - 44101002317 069855 - - Kocēnu novads Kocēnu pagasts "Kaņepītes"

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During the last inspection, the inspectors recognized that the company

A – Fully complies with the laws and regulation for handling of food
B – complies with the laws and regulations for handling of food however identified non compliances that do not affect the harmlessness and safety of food
C – Do not comply with the laws and regulations for handling of food
* – Register of educational institutions, Enterprise register, Commercial register and other registers, except FVS register