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Reg. No. Name Responsible operator More info
12291 OmegaPure Max (2019.) Agetis Supplements Ltd. Vairāk

Additional information

Registration Number: 12291
Producer: Ražots ES pēc Agetis Supplements Ltd. pasūtījuma
Responsible operator: Agetis Supplements Ltd.
21A Constantinoupoleos street, 3011 Limassol, Kipra
Preparation type: kapsula
Flavors: -
Pre-packaging unit size: kapsulas pa 1602 mg
Packaging size: 30 vai 60 kapsulas
Daily dose: 1 kapsula dienā
Ingredients: • Želatīns
• Glicerīns (E422)
• Attīrīts ūdens
• Zivju eļļa, kas satur EPA - 465mg un DHA - 375mg - 1250 mg
• E VITAMĪNS - 2 mg α-TE

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